Standard Code Systems Available

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UMLS SAB Vocabulary Source Name Codes Loaded
alt Alternative Billing Concepts, 2009 4669 NO
bi Beth Israel Vocabulary, 1.0 863 NO
ccc Clinical Care Classification, 2_5_2018 382 NO
ccpss Canonical Clinical Problem Statement System, 1999 15777 NO
cdt Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, 2021 849 NO
chv Consumer Health Vocabulary, 2011_02 57794 NO
cpm Medical Entities Dictionary, 2003 3099 NO
cpt Current Procedural Terminology, 2020 14276 NO
ddb Diseases Database, 2000 169 NO
dsm-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), 2015 873 NO
fma Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology, 4_15 104364 NO
go Gene Ontology, 2020_05_02 44508 NO
gs Gold Standard Drug Database, 2020_08_13 29643 NO
hcdt HCPCS Version of Current Dental Terminology (CDT), 2020 730 NO
hcpt HCPCS Version of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), 2020 10543 NO
hgnc HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee, 2020_05 41998 NO
hl7v2.5 HL7 Vocabulary Version 2.5, 2003_08_30 3430 NO
hl7v3.0 HL7 Vocabulary Version 3.0, 2019_12 10231 NO
hpo Human Phenotype Ontology, 2020_06_08 15054 NO
icd10am International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, Australian Modification, January 2000 Release 25617 NO
icd10amae International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Australian Modification, Americanized English Equivalents, 2000 2389 NO
icd10cm International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition, Clinical Modification, 2021 95671 NO
icd10pcs ICD-10-PCS, 2021 190673 NO
icd9cm International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification, 2014 22406 NO
icf International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, 2008_12_19 1495 NO
icf-cy International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth, 2008 1726 NO
icnp International Classification for Nursing Practice, 2019 2042 NO
icpc2eeng International Classification of Primary Care 2nd Edition, Electronic, 2E, 200203 692 NO
icpc2icd10eng ICPC2 - ICD10 Thesaurus, 200412 81799 NO
icpc2p ICPC-2 PLUS 7410 NO
jabl Online Congenital Multiple Anomaly/Mental Retardation Syndromes, 1999 724 NO
lnc LOINC, 268 264302 NO
lnc_special_use LOINC Prerelease Terms, Special Use, 2020_03_10 28 NO
mdr Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Terminology (MedDRA), 23.0 74915 NO
med-rt Medication Reference Terminology, 2020_09_08 3390 NO
medcin MEDCIN, 3_2020_07_16 362939 NO
medlineplus MedlinePlus Health Topics, 20191029 1044 NO
mmsl Multum MediSource Lexicon, 2020_08_01 32362 NO
mmx Micromedex RED BOOK, 2020_08_10 15634 NO
msh Medical Subject Headings, 2021_2020_07_16 299790 NO
mth UMLS Metathesaurus 2905 NO
mthicd9 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification, Metathesaurus additional entry terms, 2014 9779 NO
mthicpc2eae International Classification of Primary Care 2nd Edition, Electronic, 2E, American English Equivalents, 200203 26 NO
mthicpc2icd10ae ICPC2 - ICD10 Thesaurus, American English Equivalents, 0412 137 NO
nanda-i NANDA-I Taxonomy II, 2018-2020 3527 NO
nci NCI Thesaurus, 2020_02D 152031 NO
nci_acc-aha American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Clinical Data Terminology, 2002D 707 NO
nci_bioc BioCarta online maps of molecular pathways, adapted for NCI use, 2002D 334 NO
nci_bridg Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group Model Subset, 2002D 27 NO
nci_bridg_3_0_3 Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group Model, 3.0.3, 2002D 1148 NO
nci_bridg_5_3 Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group Model, 5.3, 2002D 1658 NO
nci_carelex Content Archive Resource Exchange Lexicon, 2002D 407 NO
nci_cbdd Chemical Biology and Drug Development Vocabulary, 2002D 46 NO
nci_cdc U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2002D 921 NO
nci_cdisc Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, 2002D 22730 NO
nci_cdisc-gloss CDISC Glossary Terminology, 2002D 746 NO
nci_cellosaurus Cellosaurus, 2002D 1849 NO
nci_crch Cancer Research Center of Hawaii Nutrition Terminology, 2002D 406 NO
nci_ctcae Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, 2002D 769 NO
nci_ctcae_3 Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events 3.0, 2002D 5599 NO
nci_ctcae_5 Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events 5.0, 2002D 4022 NO
nci_ctep-sdc Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program - Simple Disease Classification, 2002D 374 NO
nci_ctrp Clinical Trials Reporting Program, 2002D 22312 NO
nci_dcp NCI Division of Cancer Prevention Program, 2002D 906 NO
nci_dicom Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine, 2002D 114 NO
nci_dtp NCI Developmental Therapeutics Program, 2002D 710 NO
nci_edqm-hc European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare, 2002D 1009 NO
nci_fda U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2002D 22883 NO
nci_gaia Global Alignment of Immunization Safety Assessment in pregnancy, 2002D 207 NO
nci_gdc NCI Genomic Data Commons Terms, 2002D 4437 NO
nci_genc Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) Standard Edition 1, 2002D 281 NO
nci_icdc NCI Integrated Canine Data Commons Terms, 2002D 490 NO
nci_ich International Conference on Harmonization, 2002D 253 NO
nci_inc International Neonatal Consortium, 2002D 215 NO
nci_jax Jackson Laboratories Mouse Terminology, adapted for NCI use, 2002D 156 NO
nci_kegg KEGG Pathway Database, 2002D 244 NO
nci_nci-gloss NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, 2002D 6894 NO
nci_nci-hgnc NCI HUGO Gene Nomenclature, 2002D 5055 NO
nci_nci-hl7 NCI Health Level 7, 2002D 130 NO
nci_ncpdp National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, 2002D 509 NO
nci_nichd National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2002D 4782 NO
nci_pi-rads Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System, 2002D 39 NO
nci_pid National Cancer Institute Nature Pathway Interaction Database, 2002D 169 NO
nci_reni Registry Nomenclature Information System, 2002D 310 NO
nci_ucum Unified Code for Units of Measure, 2002D 1400 NO
nci_zfin Zebrafish Model Organism Database, 2002D 25 NO
nddf FDB MedKnowledge (formerly NDDF Plus), 2020_08_12 30285 NO
neu Neuronames Brain Hierarchy, 2020_05_28 3244 NO
nic Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), 7 13495 NO
noc Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), 6 12159 NO
nuccpt National Uniform Claim Committee - Health Care Provider Taxonomy, 20.0 960 NO
omim Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, 2020_07_27 95421 NO
oms Omaha System, 2005 462 NO
pcds Patient Care Data Set, 1997 2174 NO
pdq Physician Data Query, 2018_10_27 13325 NO
pnds Perioperative Nursing Data Set, 4_2018 262 NO
ppac Pharmacy Practice Activity Classification, 1998 377 NO
psy Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 2004 7961 NO
rcd Clinical Terms Version 3 (CTV3) (Read Codes), 1999 139938 NO
rcdae Read thesaurus, American English Equivalents, 1999 7965 NO
rcdsa Read thesaurus Americanized Synthesized Terms, 1999 247 NO
rcdsy Read thesaurus, Synthesized Terms, 1999 3990 NO
rxnorm RxNorm Vocabulary, 20AA_200908F 104819 NO
snm SNOMED-2, 2 30937 NO
snmi SNOMED International, 1998 109023 NO
snomedct_us US Edition of SNOMED CT, 2020_09_01 360915 NO
snomedct_vet Veterinary Extension to SNOMED CT, 2020_04_01 35462 NO
src Metathesaurus Source Terminology Names 230 NO
ult UltraSTAR, 1993 84 NO
umd UMDNS: product category thesaurus, 2020 32860 NO
vandf Veterans Health Administration National Drug File, 2020_08_03 28787 NO
who WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology, 1997 1724 NO