On-Demand Testing CDA to FHIR Conversion

1. Drop C-CDA Document here and Convert

2. Check Resulted FHIR R4 Document

3. Request us to Fix Conversion

(Please login for on-demand testing. You will be notified after conversion is fixed for you. )

Note: Your document is not saved on server unless you request a fix above. Since we don't want to keep your PHI, you should remove anything considered as PHI in your CDA document before requesting a fix.

4. Follow-up with questions or updates on your Request

C-CDA Document types supported:

  • CCD

Sample CDA documents from HL7

As more people request conversion of their documents, we will try to implement more types of C-CDA. As we learn what types of CDA documents, sections and elements are in need for conversion to FHIR in the real world, we will report the finding back to the community.

How does on-demand conversion work?

This is a simple testing tool for checking how your C-CDA document is converted to FHIR document (currently R4).

If you see your CDA document, some sections or elements are not converted into FHIR yet, you may let us know and we will try to implement the conversion for you as soon as possible.

To get on-demand testing support, you need to Register and Login. Then, convert your CDA, check the resulted FHIR document, write down what you need for conversion in the box below, and submit the request.

You can post questions or updates on your conversion request under the User menu item. Once we implement your request, we will notify you in the chat and by email. Then, you can test conversion again.

The key for CDA-FHIR conversion is mapping CDA elements to FHIR resources and attributes. Most of these data mapping are straight-forward, but some CDA elements can not directly map to FHIR attributes. You may need to choose the correct mappings in order to represent the clinical knowledge in the CDA.

If you not sure, you can ask questions in the wonderful HL7 FHIR chat community.

Since there are so many different types of CDA documents and each document type has different sections, it will take too much resources for us to covert for the whole CDA R2.1 specifications at once. To overcome this resource problem, we provide on-demand CDA-FHIR conversion testing support here.

Hopefully, this free on-demand testing tool will save time and resources for people who need to convert CDA documents to FHIR for data interoperability.

Thanks to these wonderful Resources used in CDA-FHIR Conversion

  1. HL7 CDA Release 2 (CDA R2) standard
  2. HL7 FHIR Model
  3. FHIR chat community
  4. HAPI FHIR open source Java library
  5. HAPI Google discussion group
  6. Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)

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